Clara (Oswald), from Sweden. I enjoy coffee, tea, art, music, literature, movies & television shows. ~ game of thrones/asoiaf, sherlock, doctor who, the borgias, breaking bad, lord of the rings/the hobbit, the avengers/marvel, harry potter & much more ~

This girl… how do I even begin to describe her?
She is a former singer from Canada and she dated a famous youtuber who has a habit of dragging drama with him where ever he goes, so naturally, she got dragged into this as well. She started making youtube video’s herself and got both love and hate.

Many rumours and stories has revolved around her. The youtuber she was dating was bad for her, she was far from home and didn’t have so much contact with her family, he was controlling and manipulative. Then he broke up with her, she got sick, he sent her on a plane back to Canada with some money to go to the hospital.
Long story short, he took her back, broke up again (during the course of a few days I think) while she still was in Canada. But yeah he accused her of cheating on him even though they where already broken up and stealing his money etc. And she got more haters due to the idiots who belive everything he says. After a while she deleted all her social network accounts to get away from it all.

That was more than a year ago… Now she is a mummy and works purely as a songwriter. She is also back on the internet. She has put her past behind her and so should everyone else.

This is Shiloh, she is one of my biggest role models and her video’s helped save my life when I was going through some rough times. And I will love her forever for that. Nomatter what anyone claims about her. I will always be on her side. ~ <3 

*Just putting it out there, the pictures belong to Shiloh, she took them, I just used them to make this collage of her.

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